Thursday, June 6, 2013


I made this throw for my son´s birthday - he´s been asking me for a long time now to make him a BIG throw that he can cuddle in - he´s 24 since June 3 :) I love it that he still wants to cuddle with a throw - specially one that I make.
But I also had to make him his favorite cake even though he would not be home because of his work. 
A little Brownie with just one candle.
So here he is at almost 10.00 in the morning with his birthday (wish) cake

then when he came home from work late in the eve - I had been waiting for him with his gift (and almost fell asleep on my laptop) 

It was well worth waiting for him just to see his big smile, he was so happy, he even said: wow it´s really BIG mom, THANK YOU SO MUCH and gave me a BIG bear hug. I do love that boy.
I did take a pattern from one of my books but made some changes to it so it would be BIG enough for him. 
I can tell you that I´m very happy with how it turned out and that he LOVED it a lot.


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    1. Thank you Jill, I really like how it turned out, and the best part is he LOVE´s it


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