Friday, June 10, 2011


I´m so lucky - I got this amazing gift from Abby at  LITTLE BIRDIE BLESSINGS - you really should go and visit here blog, it´s so beautiful. Abby makes so many beautiful things and shares so many wonderful vintage images.
Thank you so much for this Abby:) I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GIFT. It is so precious to me.
I was so happy when I saw it in the mail today - it just came on the right day to cheer me up.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I will not be posting much on my blog in June, since I will be busy on other fields. When finished I´ll tell you all about it but for now I´m sorry I do not like to talk much about it.
But I took some photos of my Nikita (my Chihuahua) I love this photo.
The only Photoshop work I did so far is sharpen and crop, but I´m going to play with it some and if that comes out cool, I´ll post again.
If you look closely you can see her tiny tongue :)
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