Friday, June 11, 2010


Day 6: FLUID - at Boot Camp. My fist though was OIL but where would I see oil being spilled down............not a chance - so what to do, water - no that is not the right though, then I remembered that my hubby had change the oil of the car and put the oil that was on the car in a container and that was still here somewhere. Oh yes of course I found it and put it outside. So in the white circle I drew on my photo (in Photoshop) there´s the container that has the old oil.
We were to do something we are not used to do, so I did not take a close up of the oil-container.

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  1. Oooh very clever. I'm just about to start my fluid - just need a cup of tea to fuel my brain first! I finally posted Heavy Metal *g* Do you think I'll get bad grades for bringing up the rear 2 days behind :P


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