Monday, June 21, 2010

I´ve been given AWARD :)

I was so thrilled when I looked at one of the comments on my blog.  A blog-friend, see liz at home, had awarded me - wow this has never happened to me before, but this is so kind and sweet and I´m so proud :) I will have to give this award to some of my favorite blogger´s, It´s on it´s way my blog-friends:)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Day 7:  FLY the word for to day in Boot Camp. That can be a fly on my I do not have a fly on my wall this time. My DD is not flying to day so it´s not going to be what will I do......... Since I´ve not been home today I have to have this one kind of easy so I´m going to use  photo I took the other day of my DS throwing one of his birthday gifts up in the air. I wanted it to be different from what I have been doing so I turned it into black and white, and cut it to a little piece. So not very heavy work today, but that can not be done all day´s, can it?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Day 6: FLUID - at Boot Camp. My fist though was OIL but where would I see oil being spilled down............not a chance - so what to do, water - no that is not the right though, then I remembered that my hubby had change the oil of the car and put the oil that was on the car in a container and that was still here somewhere. Oh yes of course I found it and put it outside. So in the white circle I drew on my photo (in Photoshop) there´s the container that has the old oil.
We were to do something we are not used to do, so I did not take a close up of the oil-container.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Day 5 - already wow this goes by fast - GROW that is our assignment for today in Boot Camp.  One thing I though of was the weed in my small garden that I did not want to have growing there, so why not photo that plant and be done with this :) In Icelandic it´s called NJÓLI but sorry I have no idea what the English name is (or in any other language for that matter)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Day 3 in Boot Camp: HEAVY METAL, OK that could be a CD with heavy metal music..... can I find on of those in my home....................NO (thank Good) so what is there to do?  Again I have to think - think - think, could that be what I´ll have to do for the rest of this Boot Camp :) well that would not be so bad. Get ideas, get creative - cool, but I still do not think of myself as an ARTIST no way I´m just a mom, wife, and so on and I love to sew, scrapbook, take photos, play with my PhotoShop, knit, design scrapbook-kit´s, design some greeting-cards, some patterns for quilting..................ARTIST I do not think so, just kind of cleaver :)
But in this HEAVY METAL photo is on HEAVY METAL I do not know what it´s called but when I found it a few years ago (I was biking) I just had to bring it home, so I stopped and "picked" this heavy thing up and put it in the iron-basket on my bike.............ohhhhhhh boy it was so HAVEY that me and my bike could hardly handle it LOL but home it got, and I always thought that I would put some summer flowers in it, but like you can see it has no flowers YET :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


For day 3 in Boot Camp: MULTILAYERED - wow what can I do, that would be easy in scrapbooking :) but that is not what I´m working with this time. Come on Tora you are supposed to be working with your camera so what are you going to do?
OK I think LOL I know what I´m going to do. Go to my sewing-room and look at all my fabrics, they are layered in my shelf so maybe that will work?


Picnic is the job of day 2 in Boot Camp.  I have to do some kind of photographic for this one, what is that to be, lets go look for something in my kitchen and see if I can come up with picnic....related -something!

OK think I found a cool thing I can put in the grass and use. It´s my parents picnic-box. I so remember when this was is use when I was a kid, I even used it when me and my DH went traveling with our kid´s when they were young. This really reminds me of picnic, well not my little Chihuahua´s (I did not have them at that time), but they did look cute and curies around my box:)


OK here is the first assignment for the Boot Camp.  I know that on this photo it looks white, but in reality it´s IVORY.
I decided on going with my camera, it was a choice between my sewing machine and the camera, and I know I will not sit down everyday and sew something even though I do a lot of that. So the Camera won. I have a Canon PowerShot SD790 IS
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