Monday, December 20, 2010


My Snowman Table Runner is ready :) this is made from a pattern in the ART TO HEART - EASY DOES IT FOR WINTER. I love that book because it has so many cute snowmen patterns.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I did not finish my work with Kim because of my laptop problems, now I´v solved them ALL by buying myself a brand new MacBook :) :) so I decided to take the Skinny Mini e-Course again in January. Therefore I will not be posting anything from the December Course. Looking forward to start the new one in January.

This is one of five snowman that I´m making for a table runner. I´ll promise I´ll post a photo of the topper when I´m finished with it. I find them really cute. But then I do LOVE snowmen but I do not LOVE the snow.... as many of my friends know. LOL

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have a freebie for those who want it, 6 scrap-booking papers that I just made :) I´m practicing with my PSE6 and these are really the first papers that I make as a set. Hope you like them and can find some use for these papers. You can download them right here, MY PINKY PAPERS


My work on day 7 at the Skinny Mini e-Course with Kim. I really love what I can do to my photos, and all the things I´m learning at this Course, working on my PSE6 - it´s amazing what tiny little things you can do and make a photo look very different from the original one.

This is the original one ............................................ and this is the one I worked on, if you look closely it´s not just black & white photo, but has a touch of color on the light, can you see it?

Monday, December 13, 2010


Doing good with my knee :)
Here is my work for Kim´s Skinny Mini e-C
ourse for day 6.
Original photo:

Photo that I´v worked on:

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Did not do much yesterday, slept almost the whole day because of my knee operation but did do my work today - in bed LOL. Have already posted on flicr, so now I´m going to post it here. I know I´m really going to be working in PSE6 after this Skinny Mini e-Course that Kim is having, it´s so awesome. If your interested in this Course please check it out right HERE.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 4

Hi there, I have my homework done and want to share it with you :) I think Kim is amazing teacher and this Skinny Mini e-Course is fantastic.
Here is my work for day 4.

I love the technique I can do with the layers blending mode:) they´re awesome tools.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DAY 2 & 3

My work for day 2 & 3 at the
Skinny Mini Course with Kim. I´m
really learning a lot about PSE6 :)

The darker photo of my dogs
(full grown Chihuahua´s)
is my original photo the
other one I have just pl
ayed around with:)

Monday, December 6, 2010


I just finished my first lesson at the Skinny Mini Course from Kim and love how easy it was to follow here video. Here is my work the daisy photo was a download from Kim but the green worm is a photo of mine.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Finely.....I can write a new post, I was having so much difficulty here and was not able to write any new posts, but then I though of "HELP" LOL LOL and I found the solution - it was to go to the "old editor" and it works LOL as you can see from this post.
I know I´v not been very active on my blog and I do not have any excuse really. So to make it up to some of you here is a freebie that my friend Greenfinger and I made ( well I only made the word-art) so if you are interested just grab it and enjoy.

The freebie :

Monday, August 9, 2010


This is a freebie kit for you (300ppi) that I and my friend "Greenfinger" made. There are a couple of overlays included, that do not show on the preview.
Please click on the JUNGLE to download.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I´ve been given AWARD :)

I was so thrilled when I looked at one of the comments on my blog.  A blog-friend, see liz at home, had awarded me - wow this has never happened to me before, but this is so kind and sweet and I´m so proud :) I will have to give this award to some of my favorite blogger´s, It´s on it´s way my blog-friends:)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Day 7:  FLY the word for to day in Boot Camp. That can be a fly on my I do not have a fly on my wall this time. My DD is not flying to day so it´s not going to be what will I do......... Since I´ve not been home today I have to have this one kind of easy so I´m going to use  photo I took the other day of my DS throwing one of his birthday gifts up in the air. I wanted it to be different from what I have been doing so I turned it into black and white, and cut it to a little piece. So not very heavy work today, but that can not be done all day´s, can it?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Day 6: FLUID - at Boot Camp. My fist though was OIL but where would I see oil being spilled down............not a chance - so what to do, water - no that is not the right though, then I remembered that my hubby had change the oil of the car and put the oil that was on the car in a container and that was still here somewhere. Oh yes of course I found it and put it outside. So in the white circle I drew on my photo (in Photoshop) there´s the container that has the old oil.
We were to do something we are not used to do, so I did not take a close up of the oil-container.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Day 5 - already wow this goes by fast - GROW that is our assignment for today in Boot Camp.  One thing I though of was the weed in my small garden that I did not want to have growing there, so why not photo that plant and be done with this :) In Icelandic it´s called NJÓLI but sorry I have no idea what the English name is (or in any other language for that matter)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Day 3 in Boot Camp: HEAVY METAL, OK that could be a CD with heavy metal music..... can I find on of those in my home....................NO (thank Good) so what is there to do?  Again I have to think - think - think, could that be what I´ll have to do for the rest of this Boot Camp :) well that would not be so bad. Get ideas, get creative - cool, but I still do not think of myself as an ARTIST no way I´m just a mom, wife, and so on and I love to sew, scrapbook, take photos, play with my PhotoShop, knit, design scrapbook-kit´s, design some greeting-cards, some patterns for quilting..................ARTIST I do not think so, just kind of cleaver :)
But in this HEAVY METAL photo is on HEAVY METAL I do not know what it´s called but when I found it a few years ago (I was biking) I just had to bring it home, so I stopped and "picked" this heavy thing up and put it in the iron-basket on my bike.............ohhhhhhh boy it was so HAVEY that me and my bike could hardly handle it LOL but home it got, and I always thought that I would put some summer flowers in it, but like you can see it has no flowers YET :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


For day 3 in Boot Camp: MULTILAYERED - wow what can I do, that would be easy in scrapbooking :) but that is not what I´m working with this time. Come on Tora you are supposed to be working with your camera so what are you going to do?
OK I think LOL I know what I´m going to do. Go to my sewing-room and look at all my fabrics, they are layered in my shelf so maybe that will work?


Picnic is the job of day 2 in Boot Camp.  I have to do some kind of photographic for this one, what is that to be, lets go look for something in my kitchen and see if I can come up with picnic....related -something!

OK think I found a cool thing I can put in the grass and use. It´s my parents picnic-box. I so remember when this was is use when I was a kid, I even used it when me and my DH went traveling with our kid´s when they were young. This really reminds me of picnic, well not my little Chihuahua´s (I did not have them at that time), but they did look cute and curies around my box:)


OK here is the first assignment for the Boot Camp.  I know that on this photo it looks white, but in reality it´s IVORY.
I decided on going with my camera, it was a choice between my sewing machine and the camera, and I know I will not sit down everyday and sew something even though I do a lot of that. So the Camera won. I have a Canon PowerShot SD790 IS

Monday, May 24, 2010

CBC :)

Going to take part in this -CREATIVITY BOOT CAMP- hoping that is just what will get me going again.
This is a photo I took a long time ago, just played with it in Photoshop CS4 and I´m really happy with what came out. It´s taken at a national park here in Iceland, Thingvellir.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Þetta er ekki orðið að gjafakorti eða einhverju öðru, en mig langar að sýna ykkur ljósmynd sem ég tók og hvernig ég gerði hana fallegri með smá vinnu í Photoshop.

This has not yet been made into a card or something else, but I want to show you a pic I took and how I made it look much better with a little work in Photoshop

Fyrir - Before
 Eftir - After

This tut on how to is on 

Breytt nafn - - - Name has been changed

Ég ákvað í leiðinni að breyta nafninu á blogginu mínu úr AGNARÖGN í Nikitatg - Harvey´s Cards þar sem það á betur við núna.

I changed the name from AGNARÖGN to Nikitatg - Harvey´s Cards, it fits better this way.

Alltaf að þykjast - always pretending

Ég er alltaf að segja að ég ætli að vera duglegri að skrifa hérna, en stend svo aldrei við það. Þar sem ég er komin með facebook síðu fyrir Agnarögn hef ég hugsað mér að hafa þetta blog svona meira fyrir kortavefina mín, þessa tvo sem ég hef í gangi.
þar er ég með kort og fleira sniðugt til sölu. En textarnir eru allir á ensku enn sem komið er, en auðvelt að breyta þeim eða eyða á hvorri síðu fyrir sig, það gerir kaupandi þegar hann pantar kort, eða annað sem ég hef sett mína hönnun á.

I´m always saying that I´m going to do better here, write more and so on, but I never do. Since I have a facebook site for Agnarögn I have changed this more to my card selling blog.
maybe I´ll do better with this here then I have done in the past..................... do not know really

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aðeins að taka til - just "dusting" my blog a little

Aðeins að taka til hér á þessu bloggi sem ekki er mikið notað, en ætla altaf að vera duglegri að skrifa hér og setja inn myndir. Ég færði "korta"vefina mína neðst á síðuna svo það væri auðveldara að skoða kortin og fleira sem ég hef þar til sölu.
Ég hef sett Agnarögn með sér síðu á facebook og ætla þess vegna ekki að vera með þær vörur mikið hér en bendi á facebook fyrir þá sem það geta: Agnarögn verið velkomin þangað.

I just "dusted" my blog a little, I know I´m not very active in here, but I do want to be, and I do want to put more photos in here. I did move my GCU and Zazzle to the bottom of the blog so it´s easier to take a look at what I have for sale there. I have made a facebook site for Agnarögn so I´ll not have my product here, I´ll just ask you to go to facebook - those of you who can: Agnarögn you are welcome to take a look, sorry but it´s in Icelandic, but you can always ask if there is something you would like to know about Agnarögn - maybe I´ll translate it one day LOL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ég ætla að bæta hérna við bloggið mitt, svona "slighed show" yfir gafakortin og annað sem ég er að selja á tveimur erlendum vefsíðum, þangað er hægt að fara og skoða úrvalið (sem er svo sem ekki mikið enn sem komið er) Að vísu er komið frá annarri síðunni, sem heitir er svo hin síðan.

I´m going to put in here a Widget for the greetingcards and other stuff that I´m selling on two websides. One is already here called: but the other on is
Please feel free to brows - and buy what you like:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ekki gleymt - not forgotten

Halló allir, ég veit að ég hef ekki skrifað hér lengi lengi lengi, en vona að það lagist nú svona hvað af hverju :) ég hef heldur ekki verið nógu dugleg að sauma þannig að hér er svo sem ekki neitt nýtt á ferð í þeim efnum. Ég stofnaði þó GJAFAKORTASÖLUSÍÐU og ætla ég að setja hér inn link á hana. Þar eru kortin seld gegnum vef í Ameríku en auðvelt er að láta breyta texta (sem er á ensku) Þau eru prentuð á hágæðapappír og er hægt að panta frá 1 korti uppí eins mörg og hver vill.

Hello everyone, I know I´ve not been very good at this blog for a long long long time, I do hope I´ll get better at it soon. I´ve not done any sewing either so I do not have anything new for sale there. I did make a GREATINGCARDSALE-SHOPE and am going to put a Widget on this blog.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Göngutúr - Walking

Nokkrar myndir sem ég tók í göngutúr yfir Rauðavatn.

Few photos that I took when walking over the ice on the lake Raudavatn.
You can see how thick the ice is on one of them :)
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