Friday, December 1, 2017


Ohhhhh boy look at this.  LIVE BOOK Click on the link and see what you can maybe win. Crossing my finger and toes well and maybe my tongue :)
Hugs everyone.

Friday, November 10, 2017


I´m trying to win some stencils from Carolyn Dube and would love for you to have that same change so go and take a look at her  Giveaway - HERE . These stencils are great for your art project and mixed media art.


ATC´s are a fun little art pieces, size is 2,5" x 3,5". Here are photos of some that I have made. I have made lots more but I´m not going to bore you with pics of them all :)



Hello there followers

I want to go into blogging again - yes I know I have said that before but I hope that now I will. I want to show my art here and just write about what ever I feel writing about.  So I do hope that you will start dropping in and giving me some love now and then.  
In Reykjavík - Iceland it´s snow right now so I will just post one snow pic since I don´t really like the snow I have to admit that the first snow is always so beautiful.

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