Friday, January 1, 2016


This is what I need to do this year and this will be my word for 2016 - OVERCOME - a lot of things I have to OVERCOME and I hope I can do it without much trouble LOL.
First thing I want to OVERCOME is me trying to be perfect in my art - I´m not and I can never be, but I must LOVE what I do and OVERCOME the feeling that I can´t do anything that looks good.

Colour Me Positive 2016 Weekly Journal Challenge

That said here is my first card, I am going to use playing cards in my art for the first time and hopefully I will get through all 52 weeks and blog about them.

To start I sanded the number site off the card and then put some white Gesso (very thin) I let that dry and found it too think so I put one cote with clear Gesso and let that dry.  I then painted with some acrilyc colours and wiped some off them off with a baby wipe. I drew the flower with a sharpie pen and some Metal Markers, used a stencil and ink to make the blue swirls.  The world I cut some card-stock and used letter stickers to write OVERCOME, inked the edges with a stamping pad (also on the card) then glued it to the card, took outline Inktense pencil and scribble around it then used a water brush to the black line. 
I´m going to put the cards on a ring later on so up in the left corner I´m going to make a hole.
I hope you like this and I am happy that I did blog about my first playing card work.


  1. Hi Tora, I followed your link from the Colour Me Positive FB page. I love your card, and I love your word!! I can totally relate to the sentiment - I too, need to overcome trying to be perfect in my art. It's way too easy to compare our art (and ourselves) with others, and it's just way too much wasted effort! Good luck on your journey :)

    1. Hi Karen, thank´s for commenting on my blog I really love it when people take the time to do that :)
      Also thank you for your kind words.

  2. Hi Tora, I also came via CMP. Love your page and I think the playing cards are a great idea!! I've finished (I think) a page but can't upload yet because I'm away. Am quite pleased with it, because I also like my art to be perfect and I need to get over that. I will also put my work on my blog, next week :)
    Will watch out for your future playing cards :)

    1. Hi Rosa thank you for your kind words and for commenting on my blog, I love when people read and comment on here :) Looking forward to see your blog and art work.

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