Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WEEK 4 IN Colour Me Positive
This time I used gessoed playing card, as I will use for this projected, then I used Instant Decoupage from Aleene´s and glued down a paper napkin that I had removed the 2 back layers (I love these napkins they look like jeans)  I printed the words on my Canon printer and glued them down after I inked the edges.
When I have all my art stuff again I will come back to these simple cards and add to them :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

WEEK 3 in  Colour Me Positive 2016

This time I also gessoed the playing card I´m using, then I used my finger - just one -  to paint with 3 acrylic colours, blue, yellow and pink, mixed them just a little somewhere and then printed out this weeks quote :)  "Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous". I tore the paper with the words and inked the edges with 3 colours. Doodled a small "frame" around and that´s it. I´m kind of happy with this one even thought it´s not much work.  Hope you like what you see.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

WEEK 2 in Colour Me Positive 2016.
My playing card:  I gessoed with white gesso, but not very thick I wanted to see the card underneath, then I used 2 colors of pébéo paint blue and yellow and a  little REEVES titanium white for the tiny angels and a stencil from Tim Holtz.  First I used the blue and let that dry, then I used the yellow all over the card and let that dry, then I had a small angle stencil I made a long time ago and used the withe to paint them on there. I did use this weeks quote LOL and wrote it on with a Faber Castell Pitt pen and a black thin Sharpie pen to go around the angles.  That´s it for now since I don´t have a lot of free time these days and not much off my arty stuff as I have already said.
I´m looking forward to moving into my new flat so I can play with all my artsy stuff and have some free time.

Friday, January 1, 2016


This is what I need to do this year and this will be my word for 2016 - OVERCOME - a lot of things I have to OVERCOME and I hope I can do it without much trouble LOL.
First thing I want to OVERCOME is me trying to be perfect in my art - I´m not and I can never be, but I must LOVE what I do and OVERCOME the feeling that I can´t do anything that looks good.

Colour Me Positive 2016 Weekly Journal Challenge

That said here is my first card, I am going to use playing cards in my art for the first time and hopefully I will get through all 52 weeks and blog about them.

To start I sanded the number site off the card and then put some white Gesso (very thin) I let that dry and found it too think so I put one cote with clear Gesso and let that dry.  I then painted with some acrilyc colours and wiped some off them off with a baby wipe. I drew the flower with a sharpie pen and some Metal Markers, used a stencil and ink to make the blue swirls.  The world I cut some card-stock and used letter stickers to write OVERCOME, inked the edges with a stamping pad (also on the card) then glued it to the card, took outline Inktense pencil and scribble around it then used a water brush to the black line. 
I´m going to put the cards on a ring later on so up in the left corner I´m going to make a hole.
I hope you like this and I am happy that I did blog about my first playing card work.
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