Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I just have to laugh at myself and I think it´s a good thing I can do that!  My "good looking Gelli Plate" really did not want to belong to me so it asked if it could please go to the trash - and since I´m such a nice person I did just that.

I got so much lint on my Gelli Plate that I wanted to clean it up, no matter what I tried nothing worked. In the end I decided to wash it (knowing very well that was not a good idea) in the zinc. 

Well that did not go well, of course I got it very clean but also it kind of melted. So I decided to remelt what was left and pour it into a smaller "thing" to let it cool down. I got a good looking 8" x 8" Gelli Plate and though "that´s just great".

It did not work so it went strait to the trash, after I painted it and with some layers and let it dry completely to make painted clear packing tape.
After I got rid of the Gelli Plate I took out my "Plastic Plate" LOL  a plastic folder or the cover really and painted that with some layers and let it dry over night, in the morning I made this awesome painted clear packing tape.

After I took the tape off my "Plastic Plate" I put it onto aluminum foil and it´s so cool.

So no Gelli Plate for my just my green "Good looking Plastic Plate"


  1. Sorry your Gelli plate died! So once you let the paint dry, you used the masking tape to lift it? What a neat idea.

    1. thank´s but I somehow can still laugh about it.
      Yes when the paint was completely dried I used masking tape. It was so much fun to do.

  2. Hi Tora,
    Thanks for commenting on my post! I'm happy I found your wonderful blog. I am now a follower:)

  3. Wow, Tora! What a great idea. Never thought about making tape like that.


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