Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I just have to laugh at myself and I think it´s a good thing I can do that!  My "good looking Gelli Plate" really did not want to belong to me so it asked if it could please go to the trash - and since I´m such a nice person I did just that.

I got so much lint on my Gelli Plate that I wanted to clean it up, no matter what I tried nothing worked. In the end I decided to wash it (knowing very well that was not a good idea) in the zinc. 

Well that did not go well, of course I got it very clean but also it kind of melted. So I decided to remelt what was left and pour it into a smaller "thing" to let it cool down. I got a good looking 8" x 8" Gelli Plate and though "that´s just great".

It did not work so it went strait to the trash, after I painted it and with some layers and let it dry completely to make painted clear packing tape.
After I got rid of the Gelli Plate I took out my "Plastic Plate" LOL  a plastic folder or the cover really and painted that with some layers and let it dry over night, in the morning I made this awesome painted clear packing tape.

After I took the tape off my "Plastic Plate" I put it onto aluminum foil and it´s so cool.

So no Gelli Plate for my just my green "Good looking Plastic Plate"

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