Thursday, May 29, 2014


I should not have been so happy making my Gelli Plate - OK I got 3 print´s but that´s all, then I wanted to clean it and it kind of melted so I just reheated it in the microwave as told and that went fine. Poured it into a smaller dish and let it cool down. 
So this eve I wanted to try the "new" Gelli Plate and now it´s in my TRASH - yeah the trash.
It just did not work, the paint got dried too soon and I was not able to print anything off it not even on the sticky site of a packing tape. :(
Hope that anyone that is going to try to make Gelli Plate after reading this will have better luck then I did. I sure did something wrong but I´m NOT going to buy all that stuff to make another one - no way LOL.

Now I´m back to using my plastic folder that I cut into 2 sides - I have used that before and it was fine. So why did I even try this GP have no idea LOL LOL
I´m trying the sticky tape method on this and I´ll let you know how that works.

I have made print´s with it f.ex. on Happy Mail envelopes and such so this should work.
I´ll post a photo of my "Plastic Plate" and the tape tomorrow.

These are two of the prints I got before on the Gelli Plate.

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