Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I´M BACK - hopefully

Hello there, hopefully I´m back to blogging after a very long time, but that´s life right one time you are full of ideas and blog-loving and the next minute something else takes over and you have to take some rest from blogging - or at least I do.
Now I´m doing a journal - not for the first time - but this is a group on Facebook - The Documented Life Project - and it´s fun but I´m not good at this realy so I want to learn more.
One thing I have learned though (well I´v learn a LOT) is to make a Gelli Plate for printing - it´s awesome what you can use that for.
If you do not know what it is my best advise to you is look it up on You Tube under Gelli Plate and you´ll be amazed I promise.
Here is a layout that I made as I took my cooled down Gelli Plate and took some photos, have not tried it - kind of scared that it won´t work for me LOL LOL stupid right ;) but I promise when I do try it out (hopefully today) I´ll take some more photos and post about it here.
So just look at my Good Looking Homemade Gelli Plate.

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