Sunday, November 30, 2014


I made this freebie as part of the
 Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking freebie
I hope you like it and that you can find some use for these backgrounds. 
Please read the TOU that comes with my freebies and I would love if you had the time to comment. :)
Thank you and enjoy.

You can click HERE to download

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I just have to laugh at myself and I think it´s a good thing I can do that!  My "good looking Gelli Plate" really did not want to belong to me so it asked if it could please go to the trash - and since I´m such a nice person I did just that.

I got so much lint on my Gelli Plate that I wanted to clean it up, no matter what I tried nothing worked. In the end I decided to wash it (knowing very well that was not a good idea) in the zinc. 

Well that did not go well, of course I got it very clean but also it kind of melted. So I decided to remelt what was left and pour it into a smaller "thing" to let it cool down. I got a good looking 8" x 8" Gelli Plate and though "that´s just great".

It did not work so it went strait to the trash, after I painted it and with some layers and let it dry completely to make painted clear packing tape.
After I got rid of the Gelli Plate I took out my "Plastic Plate" LOL  a plastic folder or the cover really and painted that with some layers and let it dry over night, in the morning I made this awesome painted clear packing tape.

After I took the tape off my "Plastic Plate" I put it onto aluminum foil and it´s so cool.

So no Gelli Plate for my just my green "Good looking Plastic Plate"

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I should not have been so happy making my Gelli Plate - OK I got 3 print´s but that´s all, then I wanted to clean it and it kind of melted so I just reheated it in the microwave as told and that went fine. Poured it into a smaller dish and let it cool down. 
So this eve I wanted to try the "new" Gelli Plate and now it´s in my TRASH - yeah the trash.
It just did not work, the paint got dried too soon and I was not able to print anything off it not even on the sticky site of a packing tape. :(
Hope that anyone that is going to try to make Gelli Plate after reading this will have better luck then I did. I sure did something wrong but I´m NOT going to buy all that stuff to make another one - no way LOL.

Now I´m back to using my plastic folder that I cut into 2 sides - I have used that before and it was fine. So why did I even try this GP have no idea LOL LOL
I´m trying the sticky tape method on this and I´ll let you know how that works.

I have made print´s with it f.ex. on Happy Mail envelopes and such so this should work.
I´ll post a photo of my "Plastic Plate" and the tape tomorrow.

These are two of the prints I got before on the Gelli Plate.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I´M BACK - hopefully

Hello there, hopefully I´m back to blogging after a very long time, but that´s life right one time you are full of ideas and blog-loving and the next minute something else takes over and you have to take some rest from blogging - or at least I do.
Now I´m doing a journal - not for the first time - but this is a group on Facebook - The Documented Life Project - and it´s fun but I´m not good at this realy so I want to learn more.
One thing I have learned though (well I´v learn a LOT) is to make a Gelli Plate for printing - it´s awesome what you can use that for.
If you do not know what it is my best advise to you is look it up on You Tube under Gelli Plate and you´ll be amazed I promise.
Here is a layout that I made as I took my cooled down Gelli Plate and took some photos, have not tried it - kind of scared that it won´t work for me LOL LOL stupid right ;) but I promise when I do try it out (hopefully today) I´ll take some more photos and post about it here.
So just look at my Good Looking Homemade Gelli Plate.

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