Friday, October 11, 2013


 I started my Dear Jane quilt a few weeks ago - that has been a dream for so long and I´m so happy that I finely bought the book and have done 6 blocks so far I do them all QAYG and have machine stitched them and quilted but now that I have seen so many blocks that have been hand quilted I want to try that on my next block. I really love the way that turns out and it would be so great to have one quilt that I hand quilted. Here are photos of the 6 blocks I´v done - I might let them stay like this - machine quilted - but I might also rip them apart and hand quilt - I´m just going to see how the hand quilting goes before I do anything with them LOL

 When I was thinking of how to make them, what fabric I should use and so on................ I decided to use just the fabric I had so it would look scrappy but I would not have to buy a lot for this quilt. I also decided to make the backing out of the same fabric that I would use on the front of each block. I like how this is going to look.   
I´m going to do them by alphabetical row and started on block A1

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