Friday, June 29, 2012


Hope I´m doing this the right way. I saw this amazing blog and a free great pattern for a bag called "Metro Bag" that I can get for free just by linking to her book. 
Sew what you love at Barnes & Noble 
and also at  
Sew what you love at Amazon
So hoping I´ll get her pattern and if so I´ll be making a bag from that pattern for my DD and I´ll promise I´ll post some pics here when done.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Something small and cute for week 26 - a crochet baby´s hat. This is something I learn year´s ago but had lost the pattern, then someone on Facebook posted a photo of this and gave me the pattern :) This is so much fun to make. I use 100% wool called Babygarn that I bought in a store called Europris here in Iceland.

Friday, June 22, 2012

4 weeks 2012

Finely I´m posting something for week 22 - 23 - 24 and 25 :) I´m getting lazy at this project making of mine that I told myself and everyone else that I would do - one ... something for every week of the year 2012, not good, but that´s really how things go sometimes. I did give it a good try though and I´m not giving up just yet. So bear with me and keep looking to see if there is something new posted here :)
So for week 22 there is´s a picture 
This big house is in down town Reykjavík, a house that I would love to have owned and lived in.

Fore week 23 there is also a picture 
a huge Coca Cola can on the middle of a colf-course in Borgarfjordur - Iceland. 

For week 24 there is a sewing project
 I made this apron for a friend of mine.

Then for week 25 there is a knitted project
a tiny baby´s hat and mittens made out of Baby wool yarn.

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