Saturday, May 12, 2012

Well, well, well...... here is my work for 3 week´s OK I know it´s not much but I´v never done anything like this before and I´m going to do 17 blocks like this - needle-turn applique - for a project that I´m making. So as you see from this it will take me a LONG time but I do not care, I´m not giving up because this is also in the memory of a very good woman that thought me this method, but she died long before her time - I think. 
This is the first block
here is block #2
 here is block #3


  1. These are beautiful, Tora. You must truly have patience to do 17 blocks like this.

    1. thank you Rosie, hopefully I´ll have that patience to finish this :) I´ll post here when each block is finished


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