Monday, January 23, 2012


For week 4 I painted a frame and printed out a "menu" that is I printed the headline - Matseðill - menu - and then the weekdays name and a line.
I put the glass from the frame where it´s supposed to be LOL then the printed paper and the back - now all we have to do is write what we will have for dinner every day :) love how it turned out - what about you? This is all over the internet so that´s where I got this idea. No link because I don´t have one just go brows the net and I´m sure you´ll find one that you like and a tut for it somewhere - that is if you need a tut.


  1. Brilliant. I use one of those wipe-off boards on my fridge but this is so elegant. Also love the digi layout. I lived in Iceland back in the 70's and am going to enjoy your blog! I am currently digi scrapping some of my photos from Iceland "way back when". You can see them on my blog. Your blog is lovely and am going to enjoy following you!

    1. WOW Nan you lived here! you have to tell me more about that sometime. Thanks for following me and commenting on my blog. :) going to look at your blog very very soon xoxo


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