Friday, September 23, 2011


I bought cute stuff the other day and wanted to make some pincushions from the 4 saucers.  My first try :) at that kind of craft. I think they turned out fine.  What do you think?

The saucers just coasted about 84 cents so I though well if I try to make just one pincushion and it does  not turn out fine, I can keep it for myself LOL and make something different from the other 3.

 Then I saw this beauty and it only was about 40 cent so I though "I can make this into a beautiful pincushion" but you know what, when I came home and looked at it I though NO WAY I´m just going to have this the first cup in my collection of different cups for use when people come for coffee :)  I´v wanted to start collecting cups like this (where there are no two alike)  for a very long time, so now I have my # 1

So when I was going to the register and paying for my stuff I saw this beauty and of course I had to take that to - now the thing is am I going to make something or going to keep it ??????   I really think I´ll try to make a pincushion out of it!  Now lets hope I can sell these pincushions - I have nothing to do with them all myself.
 and all four of them together.

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