Monday, May 2, 2011


Yes we had snow - I think I might be living in the wrong country!  I do not absolutely NOT like snow nor do I like COLD weather.  So why do I live here???? that´s a big question - my hubby does not want to live anywhere else - so I think I must love him a lot LOL LOL my kid´s (well they are grown but live at home - studying) they want to live somewhere abroad and I´v told them that when they move they have to have a tiny space for me to be with them when it´s too cold here LOL LOL LOL 
But just so you can see that I was not lying here are some photos that I took yesterday of the COLD SNOW.

If you look closely at the last photo you can see my white little Chihuahua coming in from the snow through the back door that I could not open more until my hubby had shoveled the snow from the door LOL
But today :) that´s a different story, warm, sun and the snow is melting fast :)
I´m so lucky I have a great friend in Alaska and on skype yesterday she waved the good weather that she had - my way and it really worked. THANK YOU SO MUCH VINKONA

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