Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I took one of my dogs (the other one did not want to join us LOL ) for a morning walk and had my camera with me, like almost always. :)  I did not go for a long walk I´m just trying to get into the walking gear again - going for short walks hopefully every morning (or almost LOL) here are two photos I took this morning after I had played with them in PSE6 and used some Actions. I love how they turned out.

I want to start with 52 Photos - that is 1 photo every week for a year!  I´v seen this on many blogs and it looks and feels easier then 365 PY - LOL  so I´m going to start this one right here. My first prompt is "NEW BEGINNING"   that´s what they do at "Paint The Moon"click to take a look, I´m not sure if I´ll post on "flickr" but I´m going to try to post here on my blog. I´m also trying to work with the Macro setting on my Canon PowerShot camera so these 3 photos were done with that setting this morning.
My first photo for this is here:
Week 1 
New Beginning-of the leafs on this small tree.


  1. The dogs provide a great reason to get out and get moving .. they love it when I attempt to get healthier thru walking - LOL! I just love watching the new buds appear after a winter (even in SoCal, yes).

  2. Well Peggy I have two very small Chihuahuas and one always wants to go for a walk the other one wants to come with us sometimes but not all the time LOL But I love having them - I´m so much home and alone that they are a great company for me.


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