Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I´m ashamed of myself

I truly am! I did not finish my work for JOURNAL FOR A CAUSE! :( did not even make half of it, only 3 or 4 pages in my notebook. SORRY :(
I´v not done anything with my blog either :( no post, no photo, no nothing....... hope I´ll be more active in the next month or so.
I´ll just put a photo or two here so you can have a look at them .............. hope that´s better then NOTHING AT ALL!

A statue in Reykjavík

Not mine! But I wish...........

A glass building in Reykjavík.


  1. Hey, Tora! I know exactly how you feel. I did not participate in the 'journal for a cause', but I have not posted on my blog lately either. I've visited some of the one's that I follow, but guess I just haven't had much to say. Love your pictures! Hopefully, we can both get back in the swing of blogging soon! Have a great day!

  2. I've been a naughty blogger too - I blame the girls being off school. I'm just trying to catch up with everyone now :P

    Don't beat yourself up Tora - enjoy your nexy project :P

  3. I am laughing at this post- cause I just reread your post to me doing the same thing. LOL I also need to do a blog catch-up of a trip i just made. And lets not even mention my lack of participating in Sunday Scrappers (hanging my head in shame) & All About me. Oh well, I'll do something & it will look like I caught up! LOL


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