Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Guess what!!!

I´m going to take part in the next journal class with Janel at Run With Scissors that will start on Monday 26. I´m so looking forward to do this. I know it´s not a photo class but it´s been so much fun to be whit her that I decided to keep it going. SO keep looking in here and see how I´m doing. This is my little Chihuahua called Nikita. looks like she is hiding from her Chihuahua male friend Frimann, but she is hiding from the sun and the heat. :)


  1. Aw she's gorgeous. Glad you are doing another class, can't wait to see what you do ;)

    My eldest doggy is very poorly tonight. Keeps being sick and falling over, just wants to lay in our other dogs bed in the kitchen where it's cool.

  2. Hi Tora :) Yep you join a group of 12 people (one for each month) then you decide a theme, you each make a book and then once a month you post the book on and do a page in the next book that arrives. At the end of the 12 months your own book arrives home full of yours and other peoples lovely art. Usually you bind Circle Journal's with a Bind-It-All or book rings but I wanted to try and do an altered book so when it all comes home I will have to figure out how to bind all the pages together in the the original book - I'm thinking maybe an accordian/fan type binding :D

    My doggy is doing better today. The PDSA rushed her in yesterday and she was x-rayed and put on a drip. The vet said she is at least sitting up and drinking some water today. Still in a lot of pain and on antibiotics and pain killers. But it's more than she was doing yesterday, she was barely able to breathe yesterday. They still don't know what it was that happened though :(


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