Thursday, June 17, 2010


Day 12  SMOOTH in Boot Camp. That´s something to think about and dreams well I have and always have had so many dreams and I do not think it´s so difficult to think about them - even though some of them will never come true :) But I remember on dream when I was a little girl - I really wanted to have a little duck-ling they were so cute and soft and pretty - and you know that one dream came true for a day then he died - this little cute duck-ling made me think of that and how SMOOTH they can swim as tiny as they are. I had to put two photos this time. Don´t you find them the cutest :)

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  1. Hiya Tora, how lovely to see a comment from you today :P Thank you for the lovely words of support.

    Wow I've missed so many of your posts. Am a bit behind on my blogging!

    I love this picture - I always wanted ducks too but just having a tiny yard - guess I will have to make do with OH's pigeons :P


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