Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little behind but doing my job.

Day 15 & 16 in 30 Day Journal  I can hardly believe that this is half way through - I though I would not do this for more then 3-5 days, but you know what?   I really enjoying this, it´s so good to know that one is able to take a pen and paper and use it (not the best artist but....good enough for me).


  1. You've got me on this and my daughter too Tora :P Love your pages.

  2. I am way behind at posting. I've completed a few, but I guess the 'perfectionist' in me doesn't want them out of order. I've really got to work on that part of me!! Posting on flickr was not hard. Once you sign up, you upload them like you upload onto your blog. Hey, we are the same age (well, I'm a year older), but usually I have to ask my daughter for help doing that stuff, but I gave it try and I got it without her help. I know you can, too. I'll come back to visit your blog later. Got to take my sweet puppy to the vet, she's not feeling so good. :(


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