Sunday, December 1, 2013


I was invited to join Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebie again this year, I love taking part in this and so here is my small freebie for this Christmas.
Take a look at Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freeibes site that will lead you to all the other freebies on there.
You just click on the preview and Enjoy my dear friends.

Friday, October 11, 2013

FUN FABRIC BOX (and a link to the tut)

I just made a cool fabric box for my son, he´s kept his coins in a glass jar but that broke - I wonder why! - so I asked him if he would like me to make him a fabric box for the coins and he thought that was kind of cool. So here is the link to my all time favorite method of making a fabric box - just CLICK HERE - and you´ll get to the tut in no time :)
Here are photos of my finished box - cool right!


 I started my Dear Jane quilt a few weeks ago - that has been a dream for so long and I´m so happy that I finely bought the book and have done 6 blocks so far I do them all QAYG and have machine stitched them and quilted but now that I have seen so many blocks that have been hand quilted I want to try that on my next block. I really love the way that turns out and it would be so great to have one quilt that I hand quilted. Here are photos of the 6 blocks I´v done - I might let them stay like this - machine quilted - but I might also rip them apart and hand quilt - I´m just going to see how the hand quilting goes before I do anything with them LOL

 When I was thinking of how to make them, what fabric I should use and so on................ I decided to use just the fabric I had so it would look scrappy but I would not have to buy a lot for this quilt. I also decided to make the backing out of the same fabric that I would use on the front of each block. I like how this is going to look.   
I´m going to do them by alphabetical row and started on block A1

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Finely I made a quilt for our bed. I really love it and so does my hubby.
it´s big, it´s heavy and it´s awesome.

I also finished my DD´s quilt and here is a picture of that one. I also like that one a lot and the brown colors are really amazingly beautiful and the best part is........ she LOVES it´ 
What do you think?  (sorry the photo is side ways)

Friday, September 6, 2013


I have another digital scrapbooking freebie. This time it´s 6 background papers - crayon style. If you like you can download them HERE. Hope you enjoy these.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I have a freebie for you this time, it´s been a very very very ver........... long time since I made a digital freebie for you or for anyone LOL but it´s here now and I hope you like it, you could even let me know if you use it and show me how you do that!  that would be so nice.
This freebie is called RomanceKit and if you click on the name you get to the download link.
Here is the preview

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